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Quotation_open_48px Just an eternal teenager who searches for the ultimate game. Gaming, consoles and computers have been my passion since a toddler, but I never realised it till I was in my early teens. I'm not the competitive kind and as I grow older (shudder), I tend to look for more cooperative games as far as multiplayer is concerned. Yet, my motto will always be "Fun fun fun!", because that's why are games made for. So, grab a chair or a couch, get your gear and start gaming! Quotation_close_48px



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“Gnome arcane mage (mining/gnomish engineering) ”

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“Qaldim is a Talented Player. Please sit back, relax and let me drive you around. Over to your left you'll see a couple dead gamers. I ran them over. Accidentally. And in case you're wondering yes, I have been drinking and YES I DO know that is a cli-oh crap that's a cliff!! X.x”